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Sexual assault in Canada is defined as an assault which violates the sexual integrity of the victim. In determining if sexual assault has occurred, the court will look at a variety of factors including the part of the body contacted, the context of the situation, words surrounding the act and the accused individual’s motives.

While assault is a violent crime and prosecuted accordingly, sexual assault is viewed in an even harsher light. Being convicted of sexual assault will undoubtedly destroy your reputation. An individual convicted of this offence will not only be alienated from friends and family but will also experience ongoing difficulties relating to employment and credibility.

Please take every action possible to fight this charge. Not being prepared and not having a lawyer with the adequate skills to defend you could be one of the worst mistakes you make; the damage of losing in court will be permanent.

Other individuals have successfully fought sexual assault charges in the past and then gone on to lead normal lives. This is a possibility for you if you know exactly what to do at each stage in the legal process. A defence lawyer with experience in this type of charge will greatly increase your chances.

Penalties for Sexual Assault in Toronto

You could spend up to 10 years in prison if you are convicted of sexual assault. Your reputation could also be permanently ruined.

Individuals convicted of sexual assault are entered into a database of sex offenders and then closely monitored by police for an indefinite period of time. If your future is important to you then you need to take the right steps to minimize the chance of a conviction and the corresponding problems it will cause you.

To learn more about the penalty for sexual assault, refer to section 271 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Alternatively, you can ask a lawyer in complete confidentiality by entering your phone number at the end of this document.

Experienced Sexual Assault Lawyers in Toronto

The court will examine the events surrounding the alleged sexual assault. Proving that there was consent or at least perceived consent becomes crucial to your success. Explaining the context of the event in the correct manner could mean the difference between keeping your life on track and having it completely fall apart.

Regardless of what you are told, law enforcement officials are not looking out for your best interest. Any information you reveal to them will almost inevitable be used against you. Please speak with a lawyer before saying anything.

Bruce Karten and Steven Hebscher have experience defending clients in your position and know exactly what actions you need to take at each stage in your defence. The safest thing you can do to protect your future is to refrain from saying anything about the event until you receive detailed and specific advice from a legal professional.

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