Marijuana Cultivation Lawyers in Toronto

What is Marijuana Cultivation?

Drug trafficking including marijuana cultivation involves growing organisms for the purpose of creating illegal or controlled substances. In regards to marijuana, this means being in possession of property where marijuana plants have been found. Politicians like to shore up support by taking a very black and white stance on drugs, declaring marijuana as deadly as crack cocaine. Due to so much misinformation, you need to be especially careful what you say or do in the shadow of an accusation.

In recent years, police forces in Canada have greatly increased their search for marijuana “grow-ops” under the pre-tense that they are operated by and generate funds for organized crime. Most grow operations are investigated and subsequently busted when police receive anonymous tips from informants.

Its important to understand that any anonymous tip does not justify a search warrant. Even if law enforcement officials have already discovered large amounts of marijuana on your premise, proving their tip was not adequate to obtain a search warrant, or that there was no search warrant to begin with can result in the case being thrown out.

A skilled lawyer knows how to review search warrants to ensure law enforcement officials adequately followed procedure; in many cases they do not. Its very important that your lawyers have experience dealing with such delicate issues. Beyond a conviction, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act gives the judicial system power to confiscate your home if it is connected with such a crime.

Penalties for Marijuana Cultivation in Toronto

Punishment depends on the amount of marijuana being cultivated, whether you have a previous criminal record and whether it appears that you were attempting to distribute. Being convicted under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act could land you in prison for term up to 7 years.

As noted above, another danger of being convicted is that your residence could be confiscated. This is to say you could lose all of the equity you’ve invested in your home.

Due to the nature of the “war on drugs” its also likely a conviction will leave you unable to travel to other countries, in particular, the United States.

For more information regarding penalties for marijuana cultivation, please see Part 1: Offences and Punishment, of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Conversely, you can enter your phone number at the bottom of this page to learn more about this charge from a lawyer in Toronto.

Experienced Marijuana Cultivation Lawyers in Toronto

Whether or not your home is confiscated depends on a variety of factors surrounding your situation, including the negative impact that confiscation would have on members of your family who may be living there.

As lawyers with experience successfully defending those convicted of marijuana cultivation, we know what to present in the courtroom to maximize the chance that you keep your home. Many of our clients have had cases against them dropped because they followed our instructions exactly. We have experience poking holes in the actions of law enforcement, ultimately making their entry into our clients’ homes illegal.

If you are currently accused of marijuana cultivation in Toronto, you can greatly reduce your risk of loss by getting advice from a lawyer as soon as possible – enter your phone number below for a confidential and free discussion with a lawyer in Toronto.

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