What is wrong with the new prostitution law?

The Conservative government’s new prostitution law- which will criminalize the buying of sex -smacks of hypocrisy, mean conservatism, paternalism, and a continuation of Harper’s nonsensical “tough-on-crime” morality agenda.  This new law does nothing to protect the...

Ray Rice Assault Suspension:

Outrage Motivated by Political Correctness Don’t get us wrong, we abhor domestic violence.  As criminal defence lawyers, we have represented numerous clients charged with assault. Including assaults committed against the accused’s spouse, common-law, significant...

Driving Under The Influence of Marijuana

Driving on Fumes, aka The Perils of Pot What You Need to Know When Stopped by the Police As the criminal laws evolve and to some extent become liberalized with society`s changing attitudes to the consumption of marijuana, one thing is becoming clear: Driving under the...

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