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Toronto Court Appeals LawyerThe appeals process is something that any well trained lawyer should be accustomed to dealing with, and they should be prepared to file for a review the moment it becomes necessary, in order to assist their clients. When it comes down to it, knowing how the courts work and having the best lawyers in the country will never guarantee that the outcome of a court will work in your favour, and you should go into the courtroom facing that fact. Judges are human, and they make factual and legal errors that can be overturn on an appeal. You need to hire a lawyer who knows everything there is to know about the process, and is prepared to proceed with the process even before your case has been decided.

A good quality lawyer will know how to help you by thinking on their feet and maneuvering in court, to maximize your chances of walking out of the court room unscathed, by utilizing experience and know-how to your advantage.

Lets say that you need help because you have lost your case and you want to appeal both the sentence as well as the conviction, meaning that your appeals process will be extend beyond being found guilty of the offense in question. A good Ontario Lawyer will inform you that in Canada if you are found guilty you can have the courts behaviour analyzed by a higher court and you may be able to either reverse the courts decision or have the sentence in question reduced. A good lawyer will also be aware that there is also a chance that the Crown may review a case that has fallen in favour of the accused, though the Crown is restricted in many ways.

Your attorney should also know the exact inner-workings of the appeals process backwards and forwards so you are never taken by surprise by a new development or a change of venue, which may occur as your case progresses. For example, they should know which court will hear your claim against the verdict in your case.

The place where appeals are held is determined by the type of offense that has been levied against the accused. Cases that carry a lesser penalty, called “summary conviction offenses”, are taken to the Superior Court of Justice to be heard before a judge of the court in the same community where the first trial was conducted. More serious cases which carry with them a maximum penalty, for example murder cases, are called “indictable offenses”, and these cases are heard in the Court of Appeal for Ontario which is commonly held at Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St. West, Toronto. We are familiar with the process of both of these courts and we can use this knowledge to help you.

And it is the appeals process that your attorney needs to be well versed in for them to be able to help you as you try to negotiate the court. The court that hears your case will review your previous trial to make sure that it was conducted properly, meaning, for example, if the trial was held fairly and if there have been any significant or explicit errors in the process; furthermore, they will make sure there was enough evidence available in the case to warrant a conviction. By knowing the particulars of your case, we will be able to use our court experience to make sure that you receive the support you need.

When you come to us for help in the appeals process you will be receiving experienced assistance in what can be a difficult situation. We can help you with the difficulties that can come after the trial is concluded.

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