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Toronto Criminal Lawyers Bruce Karten and Stephen Hebscher will defend your rights

The Criminal Law Team consists of two highly experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers;  Bruce Karten and Stephen Hebscher.  We work together in collaboration to offer you the best chance to avoid a criminal record.

Our mission is to clear your name with no record and no jail time.  We can confidently advise you:  “Do Not Speak to the police until you have consulted with a lawyer.”

When a client is fortunate enough to know, in advance, that he / she  is going to be arrested, we will review with him the nine steps of interrogation that are designed to extract a confession from a suspect.  If you have already been arrested we strongly advise you to exercise your “right to remain silent”.

No case is too big or too small.  We will stand beside you to make sure your rights are protected straight through to the end of the trial process.  We support and believe in our clients as true partners from beginning to end.


We Have In-Depth Experience And Expertise In The Following Areas Of Criminal Defence:


Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Stephen Hebscher & Bruce Karten
Criminal Lawyers Toronto


Our team is highly skilled in defending every criminal charge in the Canadian Criminal Code. When you are represented by The Criminal Law Team you will have our full attention through every stage of the court process.  We know and understand the court system, crown attorneys and judges in the Toronto Region.


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We understand the process of selecting a criminal lawyer is a big decision.  We want you to have the best representation for the best possible outcome.  You can find out more about Bruce and Stephen by watching the short video below,  reading our client testimonials and calling us for your Free Confidential Consultation and experienced evaluation of your case.


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As dedicated, honest and caring criminal lawyers, we bring you over 60 years of experience and an excellent record of success to help defend your criminal charge.

Our mission is to clear your name with no record and no jail time. You are not alone - we will help and support you for a second chance at life.

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