Frequently Asked Criminal Law Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have been arrested for a theft. Is there anything I can do to avoid prison time?
A: There is always the possibility that something can be done with your case when you have been charged with a crime. Each case is unique and the circumstances and details surrounding it need to be reviewed quickly to see what can be done. If you need your criminal case evaluated, contact lawyers Bruce Karten and Stephen Hebscher to get your questions answered. The possible legal options in your specific case must be looked at without delay after your arrest.

Q: Why do I need an lawyer?
A: If you have been arrested for a crime in Toronto, it is crucial that you have a skilled defence lawyer fighting for you. Any crime conviction may result in prison or jail time, probation, steep fines, and other penalties. Do you want to face this without someone who knows the system working for you? It is in your best interests to have a qualified defence lawyer from the outset of the case to protect yourself.

Q: What should I do if I get arrested?
A: One vital factor in any arrest is to be advised that you should not say anything, as what you tell the police or investigator can then be used against you in evidence. People are often very shaken up after an arrest and get themselves into trouble this way. Just remain calm as much as is possible, and contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately.

Q: Can a lawyer help me with a DWI / DUI case?
A: Our lawyers are very experienced in defending DWI / DUI cases and have a history of success in criminal defence. Some of the other types of criminal charges that criminal defence lawyer Bruce Karten and Stephen Hebscher can assist you with include: vehicular manslaughter, dangerous driving, etc.

Q: I think I am under investigation for a crime, but have not yet been charged. What should I do?
A: If this is your situation do not delay in contacting either criminal defence lawyer Bruce Karten or Stephen Hebscher. In such cases, it is necessary to discover what the situation is and to begin the process of protecting you legally. With this quality assistance, you may be able to avoid being charged or convicted of the crime for which you are being investigated.

Q: Do you offer a FREE Consultation?
A: Yes, we offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to evaluate your case.  Get started today!  Click here to request your free confidential consultation from one of our experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers.

Contact Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyers Bruce Karten and Stephen Hebscher immediately if you have been charged with a criminal offence, or are under investigation and may be charged.

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