Charges are reasonable and take into account the amount of time to be spent and the complexity of the case. Of course, to some extent, they also reflect the lawyer’s level of experience.

We normally charge a set amount for all the various stages of any case and always do so in consultation with you, the client. We are also prepared to provide an estimated range of the total fee for our services, which can be more closely established once disclosure has been made available. In addition, we are more than willing to accommodate payment plans for you that are tailored to your personal financial circumstances.

Further, we will advise you well in advance of the funds required for each of the necessary stages of your case.

Our policy is to obtain the best possible result in the shortest possible time. Period.

We also will accept certain types of criminal cases that are funded by Legal Aid Ontario. You should contact your local legal aid office to see whether or not your matter is covered and whether you can qualify for coverage.

Justice Net is a program of Lawyers Aid Canada that can also assist you if you’re unable to pay the full cost of legal services. We are registered as a participant in this program.

Affordable service options

  • No Charge Consultation: 1st half hour to qualified client enquiries.
  • Consultation(s) Only: to provide comprehensive opinion and advice to unrepresented accused persons.
  • Full Representation: including all required interviews with you and your witnesses (if any), thorough review of disclosure material, preparation for pre-trial and trial and all necessary court appearances, including bail hearings and review, if required.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer

As dedicated, honest and caring criminal lawyers, we bring you over 60 years of experience and an excellent record of success to help defend your criminal charge.

Our mission is to clear your name with no record and no jail time. You are not alone - we will help and support you for a second chance at life.

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