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Criminal Harassment is basically defined as conduct designed to cause another person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person known to them.

This prohibited criminal conduct can be committed in any one of a number of ways, including stalking, repeated and unwanted communication or by means of behaviour directly designed to harm the intended victim. The period of time covered by these charges is almost always substantial, that is to say, it generally doesn`t refer to just one episode, such as one telephone call or one text message.

The charge of criminal harassment in Ontario is often coupled with other types of criminal allegations such as domestic assault and uttering threats to kill or inflict bodily harm on another person. Sexual assault charges can also be coupled with this offence.

Criminal Harassment in Domestic Situations

In domestic situations, the person held out to be the victim, is often someone who has been involved in a romantic or familial relationship with the accused person and criminal lawyers often see these charges being laid by the police when the allegations of assault are not easily substantiated or the date of occurrence is hard to determine.

Unfortunately, many accused persons are content to plead guilty to the criminal harassment charge so that they can avoid a criminal record for something apparently more serious, such as assault or perhaps domestic assault causing bodily harm. This has been known to take place in situations where the individual charged has a legitimate defense to the seemingly more serious charge or charges, with the net result being the imposition of a criminal record for an offense he or she did not commit.

Sentencing for these offences, including criminal harassment, can lead to periods of imprisonment and minimally, the imposition of a variety of court orders that can serious interfere with your life, not to mention the burden of a record for an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.

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As outlined in other parts of this website, a criminal record can and often does create havoc with the ability of an individual to maintain his or her current employment or to find other employment at some future date. Similarly, crossing the border into the United States can immediately become problematic.

And recent amendments to the National Parole Act have made it considerably more difficult to clear a criminal record once it is obtained, whether or not the person now saddled with the record was falsely accused or innocent of the criminal charges brought against him.

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It is for these reasons, among others, that the criminal lawyers of The Criminal Law Team are absolutely committed to providing you with the very best possible defense to such allegations with our goal being the withdrawal of all charges against you or when appropriate, the obtaining of a finding of not guilty at trial.

We totally understand what it feels like and know what it means to be on the wrong end of such allegations and will dedicate our very substantial years of criminal court experience to get you the result you deserve.

The lawyers of The Criminal Law Team (Stephen Hebscher and Bruce Karten) have been practicing in the Greater Toronto Area as well as most other regions of south-central Ontario for over 60+ years and our winning record of success is entirely due to our energy and commitment to each and every one of our clients. Simply put, we are there for you.  See what our other clients are saying about us.  We can help you too!  So give us a call, for your free confidential consultation.

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