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Driving Offences

Criminal Negligence:

What Is Criminal Negligence? The crimes of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, or criminal negligence causing death, or causing death by criminal negligence while street racing, or causing bodily harm by criminal negligence while street racing, refer to acting irresponsibly without caution, to put... read more

Hit and Run:

Hit and Run Accident – Failing to Remain at the Scene A Hit and Run Accident is the criminal act of striking a pedestrian, motorist, cyclist, other vehicle, or structure  then fleeing the scene of the accident.  In an accident, a driver has the legal and ethical duty of stopping to... read more

Driving With Suspended License Ontario:

Driving with a suspended license in Ontario  is known in the court system as Driving While Disqualified and is identified in the Criminal Code of Canada as a federal crime. A driving suspension may have occurred from a previous charge of:
  • read more

Dangerous Driving Ontario:

Dangerous Driving Charges Toronto Ontario A dangerous driving charge may occur where the operation of any motorized vehicle appears to be viewed as a danger to the public or property. Various factors may come into play such as the location, time of day, amount of surrounding traffic, and the nature... read more

Impaired Driving:

Impaired Driving in Ontario / Over 80 We have all heard the old expression “getting off on a technicality” With respect to drinking and driving offences (also called DUI), Parliament has removed all but the technical defences, and it is imperative that your impaired driving lawyer is familiar with all... read more
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