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Drug Offences

Prescription Abuse:

Using Drugs Without a Prescription And Prescription Abuse is Illegal In Canada When someone is arrested for using drugs without a prescription or prescription abuse, they may immediately view it as a violation of their privacy or medical history. This is understandable, however, the laws in Canada are quite rigid... read more

Trafficking And Possession For The Purpose Of Trafficking:

Toronto Drug Offences Lawyers The Criminal Code of Canada carries penalties for the possession, trafficking and production of illicit substances. The Canadian government has recently taken a strong stance against drug crimes with the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences for selling drugs and growing marijuana. As a result, drug... read more

Cocaine Possession:

Charges for Cocaine Possession Cocaine is illegal in Canada and many parts of the world.  Illegal to possess, cultivate and traffic for any use that is non medicinal or non government sanctioned. Cocaine usage and distribution is punishable by law and can include severe fines and jail time. Although possession and... read more

Cultivation Of Marijuana:

Toronto  Cultivation of Marijuana and Trafficking Criminal Defence Lawyers Have you been charged with cultivation of marijuana or other related drug crimes?  Call The Criminal Law Team comprised of criminal lawyers Stephen Hebscher & Bruce Karten. The Criminal Law Team has extensive experience defending drug charges throughout Ontario, and we have achieved... read more
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