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Property Offences

Criminal Embezzlement Canada:

Criminal Embezzlement is the dishonest withholding of certain assets (usually financial) to be used elsewhere and for another function by a person who was entrusted with those assets. This is done in a premeditated manner since the idea is to steal the assets without the knowledge or consent... read more

Mortgage Fraud:

Toronto Mortgage Fraud Lawyers and Related Real Estate Offences If you are on the wrong end of a charge of Mortgage Fraud in Toronto under the Criminal Code of Canada and the subject matter of the alleged offense involves a mortgage or real estate transaction, then it is imperative... read more

Fraudulent Devices:

Fraud Charges In Ontario Fraudulent Devices are instruments used to steal personal information (like bank account numbers) or to thwart the system by not paying. They are typically very discrete and every device involves a different scenario. Today there are many different devices used as instruments for fraud like:

Counterfeiting Money:

Charged with counterfeiting money or possession of counterfeit money in Toronto? Counterfeit Money is any currency that is created without the sanctioning of legal authorities, generally duplicating legal tender, for the purpose of fraud, and the making, passing (uttering in legal terms) & possession of counterfeit money is a... read more

Credit Card Fraud:

Toronto Credit Card Fraud Criminal Defence Lawyer Credit Card Fraud is the general term used to describe the usage of debit or credit cards to fraudulently acquire legal tender or goods. It is closely tied to identity theft, as the two often go hand-in-hand. Credit card fraud is a... read more

Counterfeiting & Forgery:

Penalty For Counterfeiting / Forgery In Canada Counterfeiting involves the fraudulent creation of products, or money with the intent of using it as a valid trademarked item. Forgery (known in the legal system as Uttering A Forged Document) is the altering or creation of a document in order to... read more

Possession of Stolen Property:

Theft, fraud and possession of stolen property, are all similar crimes in the eyes of the law, in that the victim has been deprived of his or her property. While theft and fraud involve the actual appropriation of another person’s property, a person charged with possession of stolen... read more

Robbery & Theft:

Toronto Robbery and Theft Criminal Defence Lawyer Robbery is a crime that involves stealing from another person’s goods or property by way of violence, force, or threatening. This is usually both a crime of theft and violence. There are a several types of robbery and theft crimes, each having variable levels... read more

Breaking and Entering (B&E):

Breaking & Entering, also known as burglary, or simply B & E, is the crime of entering a residence, place of business, vehicle, or structure without having permission or with the intent of stealing property (goods), or other offence. This also includes any attempt to break in, or damage... read more

Criminal Breach of Trust / Fraud:

Criminal Breach of Trust Lawyer in Toronto Criminal Breach of Trust occurs when anyone in the position of a “trustee” of anything for a beneficial use, on behalf of another person, or public or charitable organization, acts to or has intent to defraud, or use anything in trust that has... read more


What Is Arson? Arson is a criminal act that consists of the intentional setting of a fire to a building, dwelling or other area. Charges may be applied in many instances where a property has been destroyed by a fire that was either intentionally or recklessly caused by a person... read more

Auto Theft:

Auto Theft Criminal Defence Lawyers Toronto Motor vehicle or auto theft is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle.  Motor vehicles include:  automobiles, trucks, buses, coach, motorcycle, snowmobile and trailer. Auto theft is a growing and lucrative business and crosses all boundaries of criminals from petty... read more

Theft from Employer:

Toronto Theft from Employer / Breach of Trust Criminal Defence Lawyer A particularly serious charge in the category of theft involves theft from one’s employer.  A person facing a charge of theft from employer, or breach of trust, has to contend with the allegation that he or she was in... read more

Property Offences:

Property Offences Defence Lawyers Toronto Whether you are charged with Theft, Theft from employer, Possession of Stolen Property, Fraud, Uttering Forged Documents, or Credit Card offences, all of these offences involve allegations of some form of dishonesty and depriving someone of monies and/or their property.  The penalties range from a... read more
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