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Sexual Related Offences

Indecent Exposure:

Indecent Act and Indecent Exposure Indecent acts and indecent exposure are covered under section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada although not often seen in the courts of this Province, are nevertheless serious allegations that can minimally result in the imposition of consequences which can greatly impair... read more

Sexual Assault:

1)  I’ve been Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault.  What do I do?   If your first instinct is to say “I am innocent, and the truth will prevail”, then pause for a moment.  We, at the Criminal Law Team, believe that the only way for truth and justice to prevail... read more

Soliciting a Prostitute:

Toronto Soliciting a Prostitute Criminal Lawyer Solicitation of a Prostitute in Toronto, is generally described as the practice of  seeking sexual services in exchange for money.  In general, in Canadian case law it states that three elements are necessary to establish that prostitution is taking place – (i) provision... read more

Internet Sex Crimes:

Internet Sex Crimes and other Offences Internet Crimes generally include: child pornography, and these other offences:
  • Making, Distributing and Possessing child pornography
  • Luring a Child (by means of the Internet)
  • Voyeurism (example, posting private sex videos and/or photos online)
  • Criminal Harassment (via the Internet), including Cyber Bullying
  • Unauthorized Access to Computer Devices and Passwords
  • Other Internet Crimes
We have... read more

Criminal Harassment / Stalking:

Criminal Harassment is basically defined as conduct designed to cause another person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person known to them. This prohibited criminal conduct can be committed in any one of a number of ways, including stalking, repeated and unwanted communication... read more

Sexual Interference with a Minor:

Sexual Offences against persons under the age of 16 or 18, Sexual Interference, Invitation to Sexual Touching, and Sexual Exploitation The offences of Sexual Interference, Invitation to Sexual Touching, and Sexual Exploitation involve touching for a sexual purpose in relation to a person under the age of 16 (sexual interference and... read more
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