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Violent Crimes & Weapon Offences

Aggravated Assault / Assault Bodily Harm / Assault:

Aggravated Assault In Canada Aggravated assault in Canada is an Assault that results in the wounding, maiming, disfiguring, or endangers the life of the complainant (victim). Usually the alleged assault involves a weapon, such as a firearm or knife. The level of injury inflicted on the victim, along with the personal... read more

Assault Police and Assault Resisting Arrest:

Were you charged with resisting arrest in Toronto? Section 270 of the Criminal Code of Canada creates the separate and distinct offences of Assault Police and Assault Resisting Arrest.  Both offences require proof that the officer was acting in the execution of his duty, which includes, amongst... read more

Attempted Murder Charges:

Attempted Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder Attempted Murder involves an unsuccessful attempt to kill, and requires an intent to kill. Many times following an attempted murder charge, the prosecution falls short of proving intent to kill, unless the accused is tricked by the police into admitting intention to kill... read more

Assault Causing Bodily Harm Canada:

Assault Causing Bodily Harm is a crime resulting from the act of intending to apprehend or cause harm to another individual through offensive contact. A verbal or visual threat does not qualify until either direct or indirect contact has been made. Although assault causing bodily... read more

Criminal Negligence:

What Is Criminal Negligence? The crimes of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, or criminal negligence causing death, or causing death by criminal negligence while street racing, or causing bodily harm by criminal negligence while street racing, refer to acting irresponsibly without caution, to put... read more

Weapons Charges:

Defending Weapons Charges in Canada A weapon is any tool that is can be used to cause damage or to inflict harm on another person.  A weapon can be an item designed as a weapon (i.e. gun, knife) or fashioned from an item not originally intended as a weapon (i.e.:... read more

Murder and Manslaughter:

What Is The Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter? Murder and Manslaughter are the most serious offences in the Criminal Code.  Our commitment to our clients charged with any one of these offences is to avoid a conviction, and to fight for an acquittal, or a plea to a lesser charge. Murder Murder is the... read more

Kidnapping / Forcible Confinement:

Kidnapping / Forcible Confinement Defence Lawyer in Toronto Kidnapping is generally defined as the taking of someone against their will to another location.  In some cases, the victim may have been forced, threatened or intimidated into the kidnapping and held by force or violence. In the case of a child,... read more


What Is Arson? Arson is a criminal act that consists of the intentional setting of a fire to a building, dwelling or other area. Charges may be applied in many instances where a property has been destroyed by a fire that was either intentionally or recklessly caused by a person... read more

Extortion Crime & Blackmail:

What is Extortion?   Definition of Extortion (Blackmail) The definition for extortion in the Criminal Code of Canada is the act of making ‘threats, accusations, menaces or violence’ in order to induce the complainant to do something, usually pay money. A threat to bring civil proceedings (lawsuit) is not considered a ‘threat’ for... read more


Charged With Assault in Ontario Assault is defined in the Criminal Code as the intentional application of force to another person without their consent.  Assault can also be an attempt or threat to apply force (threat of an assault) that the alleged victim reasonably believes will be carried out.  To be... read more
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