Possession of Stolen Property

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Theft, fraud and possession of stolen property, are all similar crimes in the eyes of the law, in that the victim has been deprived of his or her property. While theft and fraud involve the actual appropriation of another person’s property, a person charged with possession of stolen property is alleged to have come into possession of stolen goods knowing that they have been obtained by a crime, such as theft or fraud. If convicted, the penalties for all of the above-mentioned offences depend largely on the value of the property and the personal circumstances of the accused.

Are you in Possession of Stolen Property and not know it?

It is quite possible for a law-abiding citizen to innocently come into possession of stolen goods. For example, you might pay a bargain price for an item that is subsequently determined to be stolen. (Check out our blog post on Stolen Property on Kijiji and Craigslist.) Notwithstanding your innocent possession of this item, you may be the subject-matter of a police investigation. We are there to guide you through this process, which will, most assuredly, involve a lengthy police interrogation. We will prepare you for the barrage of police questioning that will ensue, and discuss with you whether you should speak to the police at all. Your meeting with us is that important first step you can take that allows us to effectively defend you against these serious allegations.

Have you been charged with or accused of Possession of Stolen Property?

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The Criminal Law Team has extensive experience in representing clients charged with possession of stolen goods / property. We are well aware of the complexities of this area of law, and the requirement for the prosecution to prove the accused knew the property was stolen. If you follow our advice to remain silent, and are made aware of the tricks the police may employ “to get you to talk”, you can come out of the interrogation without incriminating yourself. On the other hand, we may advise you to speak to the police and provide an explanation as to how you innocently came into possession of the property in question. We would only recommend this course of action after (1) we spoke with you at length to determine whether your explanation is credible and (2) we received assurances that the police were willing to keep an open mind about whether to charge you or not after hearing your explanation. This is a crucial stage of your case, and it is imperative that your decision as to whether to talk to the police or not is an informed one.

Your Best Defence is a Strong Offence

We have represented many clients who, after discussing their case with us, have made the right choice, with the end result being no charges were laid, their charges were subsequently withdrawn, or they were acquitted after trial.

The doctrine of recent possession is often used by prosecutors in their attempts to obtain a conviction for possession of stolen goods. With over 60+ years of experience as dedicated and hard-working criminal defence lawyers, we are well equipped to argue against the inappropriate use of this doctrine.

The Criminal Law Team of Bruce Karten & Stephen Hebscher understand the need for an aggressive legal defence when facing charges of possession of Stolen Property. Be proactive, and call us now for a free confidential consultation. Your best defence is a strong offence. See what our other clients are saying about us. We can help you too!

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