If you are a believer in conspiracy theories, and choose to ignore the common sense rule that the more people who are involved in an alleged conspiracy the less likely it is that it exists, then go ahead and believe that the Boston bombing was a hoax.  Glenn Beck (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HStJdIOnlwM ) would have you believe that the U.S. government is covering up the fact that an important Saudi family member was involved in the bombing and was sent back to Saudi Arabia.  He is saying that the U.S. Government is somehow complicit in the Boston Marathon Bombing, and is covering up this matter to help the Saudi Government avoid embarrassment.

Beck says “this is true”, and tells his viewers to spread this story everywhere.  All I know is that people died and were seriously injured, a suspect was killed, and another one was arrested.  Is it possible that law enforcement, President Obama, and anyone connected to the investigation of this suspect are in on the conspiracy? Let me put this another way:  if this is true, what was the motive of the perpetrator(s) of the conspiracy?  Was it to avoid fueling anti-muslim sentiment?  Was it because the United States government, law enforcement, and immigration officials don’t want Americans to know that their allies, the Saudis, were involved?  Why then would the Federal prosecutors decide to try the actual accused in this case as a civilian, where the trial will be held in a court open to public scrutiny; Where the accused can point the finger at a more sinister and far-reaching plot?  On that point, let’s not forget that the accused in this case is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

All we know is that a suspect was apprehended. We should not try this case in the media, even though the evidence may or appear to be overwhelming against the accused. There is something in the United States and Canada, and in other democratic countries, called due process: The right to a fair trial.  The accused is entitled to the best defence, and all of the legal rights and protections that accompany the right to a fair trial.  One way to prove to the conspiracy theorists that your government is not in bed with the terrorists, and to trust no one, is to make the trial process as open as possible.

The presumption of innocence is not just an important principle of criminal law and justice, it is a hallmark of a free and democratic society.  I suggest that conspiracy theorists should ask themselves what kind of society they would have us believe in.  What values would that society hold to be sacred?  That your government cannot be trusted, at all, even to protect you from foreign enemies?

Has oil has so corrupted your government that they would cover up the second worse terrorist attack on foreign soil?  I am prepared to listen to them, and to challenge them in a debate.  Would they listen to my point of view?  Would they be willing to listen to logic and common sense, or would they choose to believe in something less tangible and more fanciful?  I welcome their comments on the topic.

If you believe Boston bombing was a hoax we’d love to hear your opinion about it. Independent reporters like Glen Beck are stating evidence to a possible coverup. If you believe the CIA or the government was somehow involved, what do you think they would stand to gain from it. You’ve heard my opinion, now lets hear yours.

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