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What is Murder vs. Manslaughter?

Murder and Manslaughter charges are treated differently in Canadian courts (such as Toronto). Murder involves taking the life of a human being in a manner that is not permitted under the law. Though murder always involves an individual’s death, it is subdivided into first degree murder, second degree murder and manslaughter. Those convicted are sentenced accordingly.

First degree murder only results when a murder was premeditated and deliberate. This necessitates both planning as well as the intention to carry the plan out. In addition, all murders committed while in the process of carrying out another crime, or in association with a criminal organization also qualify as first degree murder.

Second degree murder includes murders that do not fall into the category of first degree murder or manslaughter. This includes deaths that result from an intention to cause harm that will likely result in death, but for which death was not planned.

Manslaughter involves committing a violent and illegal act which results in the death of an individual. The intention to kill or cause harm which could result in death is not required.

Due to the severity of murder and the differing penalties between the degrees of murder, it is crucial you contact a defence lawyer as soon as possible. Certain actions, or failure to perform other actions could mean the difference between 4 years and life in prison.

Penalties for Murder & Manslaughter in Toronto

Penalties vary depending on the degree of the murder. First degree murder results in life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 25 years. The sentence for second degree murder ranges from 10 to 25 years before the convicted individual is eligible for parole. Although the minimum for Manslaughter is a suspended sentence, it can still carry the possibility of life in prison.

As noted above, manslaughter can still land you in prison for life, with the eligibility of parole in 7 years. The difference is that many factors can mitigate a manslaughter sentence, including the circumstances surrounding the death.

Being convicted of murder is both reputation and life destroying. Not taking every possible step to protect yourself should be out of the question. Contacting a skilled and experienced lawyer should be done immediately if you value your freedom.

All cases of murder can potentially result in life imprisonment. Please see section 472 of the  Criminal Code of Canada for more information on imprisonment for life. Otherwise, enter your phone number at the bottom of this page to consult a lawyer about the issue.

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With the seriousness of such a conviction, its guaranteed that you will be prosecuted very aggressively and without resolve. Even those who believe they have a solid defence need the support of a legal team that is both knowledgable and experienced.

Regardless of what you are told by authorities, remaining silent and consulting a skilled legal professional is the safest thing you can do. Do not take any chances with something this serious, when your whole future is at stake.

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