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Using Drugs Without a Prescription And Prescription Abuse is Illegal In Canada

using drugs without a prescription is illegal in CanadaWhen someone is arrested for using drugs without a prescription or prescription abuse, they may immediately view it as a violation of their privacy or medical history. This is understandable, however, the laws in Canada are quite rigid when it comes to the illegal possession & usage of prescription drugs. If you are identified as being in possession of prescription drugs for which there is no valid prescription, you may be charged with drug possession. This kind of charge is identified as being as severe in manner as other drug possession types, and are usually categorized as federal crimes.

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in Canada makes it illegal to possess, administer, market, or sell prescription drugs without the correct certification, and licensing. In some circumstances, drug crimes regarding prescription drugs can have harsher penalties than illegal drugs such as marijuana. An individual charged with a prescription drug crime may be looking at stiff fines, community service, probation, and even jail time. These penalties may increase if the person already has an existing criminal record, and in serious cases, the individual may face mandatory imprisonment.

If you have been arrested for Illegal Use of Prescription Drugs, it is essential that you seek a Toronto criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested and that you remain silent so that you do not say anything that can (and will) be used against you.

As occasional use of prescription medications has recently been on the rise, Toronto law enforcement is looking out for anyone who is illegally using or in possession of an excessive amount of medication, including: Hydrocodone, Methadone, OxyContin, Painkillers, Percodan, Psychiatric drugs, Ritalin, Vicodin, Xanax, etc.

Prescription Abuse & Drug Possession Defence in Toronto

If you are charged with a crime related to illegal use of prescription drugs, you could be facing severe legal consequences. Medications such as these are as harmful as any drug found on the “street” if abused, and can be highly addictive. The law is focused on such cases, as they want to uncover those involved in the distribution of these drugs. If you are caught with a significant quantity of an unlawfully acquired medication, it is probably that you could be facing a charge of intent to traffic the drug. Penalties vary depending on the drug, the amount in possession, and the circumstances surrounding the crime.

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Opposing charges related to prescription drugs can be quite challenging, but it is common in these cases that legal rights have been violated during search and seizure, or other procedural errors have been made. Each case is unique and with a careful examination of the evidence, our law team will identify how to proceed with your defence. In many circumstances, we can negotiate for a lesser sentence.

Bruce Karten & Stephen Hebscher are knowledgeable lawyers that have represented countless clients in drug crime cases of many various types, including ones that involve prescription drugs. If you or a loved one have recently been charged with prescription abuse, or illegal use of prescription drugs, call us right away for a free consultation on how we can get started working on protecting your rights and securing your future. See what our other clients are saying about us. We can help you too!

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