What is Considered Assault in Toronto, Canada?

Assault is a serious crime involving both the threat of violence and the perceived ability to cause harm. Without either of these, assault has not occurred. Actual physical injury to the victim is irrelevant; what matters is that the victim considered injury possible.

Assault spans several categories including acts of a physical, verbal and sexual nature. Making a negative verbal statement, participating in an act of a sexual nature, or hinting at physical contact in a manor that could be perceived as threatening opens the doors to a possible assault conviction.

Crimes involving actual or perceived violence are viewed very negatively by both the public and the legal system. Due to this, individuals convicted of assault related charges are prosecuted very aggressively. As sentences can be harsh as well as reputation destroying, it is important that you seek the advice of professionals who have  experience helping individuals navigate through this dangerous maze.

It is also important to realize that individuals have been falsely convicted of assault in the past, simply because they took the wrong actions or didn’t have someone with experience looking out for their interests.

What is the Penalty for Assault in Toronto?

If you are convicted of assault then you could spend up to 5 years in prison. Restraining orders, counselling, fines and community service are also likely to follow.

Aside from the strictly legal penalty, a conviction could seriously wreck your chances of future employment and the opportunity to get your life back on track. For these reasons it is imperative that you seek the help of a professional who can minimize the damage of this conviction on your life and your livelihood.

Experienced Assault Lawyers in Toronto

If you’ve been convicted of assault then you are likely going to be prosecuted aggressively. Failure  to perform the correct actions at any stage in your defence could derail your chance for a fair trial.

Bruce Karten and Steven Hebscher are experienced criminal defence lawyers who understand the tightrope you are walking and are prepared to give you advice at every turn. They have successfully defended clients at all levels of Ontario courts. They are respected by Ontario judges and know the lawyers who are going to be prosecuting you.

Your future is too important to simply let the chips fall where they may. You only have one opportunity to protect your freedom and have this predicament works out in your favour. Every case has 2 sides and we have substantial experience defending the side you are on, the opposite side of the judicial system.

Everyone deserves a fair trial regardless of their situation or what they have done in the past. We will take the time to understand the complexity of your unique situation and then do everything in our ability to clear you of your charges.

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